What is Gotu Kola?

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If you are familiar with the world of herbal supplements, you have probably already heard of Gotu Kola.

Gotu Kola, otherwise known as Centella Asiatica, is a perennial herb used in both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Western medical research is finally starting to catch up to what Eastern medicine has always known to be true about this amazing herb.


What are the benefits of taking Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola appears to be helpful for both the body and mind. Its exact mode of action is not well understood. However, a group of compounds called triterpenoid saponins are thought to be responsible for Gotu Kola’s cognitive, circulatory, and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Supports cognitive function

If you struggle with brain fog, Gotu Kola might be useful. Preliminary research suggests Gotu Kola is shown to improve working memory in healthy test subjects.


Gotu Kola


Gotu Kola supports mood

Ayurvedic practitioners have long used Gotu Kola to help people relax — and now there’s scientific evidence to support its mood-boosting benefits.

A meta-analysis conducted on Gotu Kola in 2017 showed that it increases self-reported alertness scores and reduces self-reported anger. It has also been shown to induce calm in some clinical trials.



Gotu Kola improves wound healing

A small study conducted on diabetic patients with wounds showed that oral Gotu Kola supplementation enhanced wound contraction and minimized scar formation. It’s unclear if these benefits translate to other types of wounds. However, cellular and animal studies indicate that Gotu Kola improves wound healing by enhancing Collagen synthesis and matrix formation around the injured area.

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Gotu kola improves postpartum stretch marks

Gotu Kola may also be useful for repairing stretch marks after labor.

A small trial published in 2018 showed that women who were given oral Gotu Kola after delivery had improved skin thickness, and elasticity compared to the control group.

In addition, women in the Gotu Kola group had less visible stretch marks, and more Collagen components in their skin.



Gotu Kola assists with circulation

One of the most well-established benefits of Gotu Kola is for improving microcirculation in the legs and feet. Several studies suggest that Gotu Kola helps relieve swelling and improve lower extremity circulation in people with venous insufficiency — a condition where veins in the legs have trouble sending blood back to the heart.


How much Gotu Kola should I take?

Our 400mg Gotu Kola is 100% organic and contains 40% bioactive saponins for maximum benefits. Our clinical-strength extract is proven in some clinical trials to support microcirculation and wound healing.


The bottom line

Interested in integrating Gotu Kola into your vitamin routine? Take our 5-minute consultation quiz to discover whether Gotu Kola is right for you and we’ll pair you with your very own Nutrition Expert for free!