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What is CoQ10?

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What is CoQ10? You can think of CoQ10 as a battery for your cells. CoQ10 is responsible for making adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — the molecule which fuels all life by giving cells their energy to function.

But what exactly does CoQ10 do? What are the health benefits of taking this compound? And which CoQ10 supplement is best? We answer all these questions and more.

What is CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a fat-soluble compound that is responsible for creating energy in the cell membranes.

CoQ10 plays a critical role in converting carbohydrates and fat into energy in the mitochondria of the cells. Without it, our cells would not have the energy to function properly.

CoQ10 can be synthesized naturally by the body and stored in the cells, but concentrations decline with age.

Other contributing factors to CoQ10 deficiency include stress, smoking, and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. In addition, Vitamin B6 deficiency has also been linked to lower CoQ10 because of its role in CoQ10 production.

Luckily, CoQ10 can be found in a plethora of foods such as beef, herring, chicken, soybean oil, canola oil, fish, nuts, broccoli and spinach.

Spinach and green leafy vegetables are high in CoQ10!

What are the health benefits of CoQ10?

CoQ10 has been linked to an impressive array of health benefits:

CoQ10 supports heart health

Low CoQ10 is a biomarker for heart disease and studies suggest that CoQ10 supplementation can promote heart health, and even reduce the risk of patients with heart failure from dying of heart problems.

In one clinical trial, CoQ10 supplementation in patients with heart failure not only improved functional heart capacity, but also significantly reduced cardiovascular mortality.

CoQ10 supplementation is good for heart health

CoQ10 fights free radical damage

Free radicals cause damage to cell functioning which is often at the heart of many health problems.

Many chronic diseases have been linked to low CoQ10 levels. This could be due to the role that CoQ10 plays in protecting cells from oxidative damage.

What is CoQ10? It is a molecule responsible for giving our cells energy

CoQ10 combats wrinkles and skin aging

CoQ10 is a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products on account of the role it plays in the anti-aging process of the skin. CoQ10 has been reported to reduce facial wrinkles and also limit the deterioration of skin elasticity.

When applied directly to the skin, CoQ10 can reduce sun damage and supplementing with CoQ10 may also help decrease the risk of skin cancer.

CoQ10 is good for skin health and plays a role in the anti-aging process of the skin

What is the best CoQ10 supplement?

There are two different types of CoQ10 — ubiquinol and ubiquinone. Your body uses both forms of CoQ10 depending on its current needs.

Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10, is used in the production of cellular energy, and has been shown to increase blood levels of CoQ10 to a greater extent than ubiquinone.

Our CoQ10 capsules contain the more bioavailable ubiquinol form.

Our Coq10 supplement is made from the more bioavailable ubiquinol form

When should I take CoQ10?

It is advisable to take CoQ10 with food because it is a fat-soluble compound, meaning its absorption can be slow. Taking CoQ10 with food can triple its absorption.

Some research has also shown that piperine derived from black pepper enhances the absorption of CoQ10. We’ve therefore added black pepper extract to our capsules in order to increase absorption.

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How much CoQ10 should I take?

A recommended daily intake for CoQ10 has not been established.

Each of our capsules contain 100mg of CoQ10. Supplement doses tend to range between 90-200mg per day.

We’ve chosen 100mg because it’s unlikely to be harmful, but still provides enough CoQ10 to be beneficial for certain groups.

The bottom line

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