The best vitamins for glowing skin

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Nourish your way to glowing skin

Having a regular skincare routine can promote healthy-looking skin, but taking good care of your skin doesn’t just mean buying expensive creams or serums. Healthier skin starts with a well-balanced diet. No amount of beauty products can possibly excuse the need for proper nutrition.

So how do you eat your way to better skin?

We’ve compiled a simple guide here of the best vitamins to focus on for glowing skin.

What are the best vitamins for glowing skin?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin with a powerful antioxidant effect. It supports the immune system and is essential for Collagen synthesis, which is an important structural component of skin and other tissues. Vitamin C is found naturally in berries, peppers, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, and kale.


Coenzyme Q10 is a component of our cells that is especially concentrated in our organs. Its primary role is producing energy within our cells, but it also functions as an antioxidant.

CoQ10 levels appear to decrease with age, and emerging research suggests that it may be beneficial for skin, as well as the heart. Recent studies have shown that CoQ10 may enhance skin elasticity, reduce visible signs of aging, and improve skin smoothness.

CoQ10 can be found naturally in foods such as herring, chicken, canola oil and nuts.

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B-Vitamins are 8 water-soluble vitamins that support a variety of physiological functions including cell division, nutrient metabolism, DNA synthesis, and more.

Studies suggest that Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) has been reported to help with a range of skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and may also help protect against skin cancer.

Moreover, B-Vitamin deficiencies have been linked with a number of skin issues including hyperpigmentation of the skin, hair, and nails.


Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant and that appears to offer numerous benefits for skin health. Clinical research indicates that Astaxanthin decreases redness, improves elasticity, and helps the skin to retain moisture.

Although supplements tend to provide more Astaxanthin than food, it can also be found in lobster, krill oil, salmon, algae, trout, and shrimp.

Powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin can promote healthier skin

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola, or Centella Asiatica, is a medicinal plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family and grows in Asia, Africa, Central America, and Oceania. It has been used in traditional medicine to improve wounds, scratches, burns, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Early human trials indicate that Gotu Kola may reduce scar inflammation and promote wound healing. In addition, it may be helpful for aging skin and cellulite, although we still have much to learn about this herb.

The bottom line

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