Bring it on, spring. 5 supplements to take this season

Spring comes with flowers and showers − and for many, it means sneezing, sniffles and a sore throat. We designed our SPRING WELLNESS PACK to give you an immunity boost during this difficult season, and we’re taking 30% off when you sign up for the season (3 months).

Keep reading to learn about the supplements our team has selected for you. And who knows − you may even start to dare to stop and smell the roses.

Vitamin C

There is no doubt − Vitamin C is an OG and usually the first thing to reach for when you feel under the weather. It's a natural free-radical fighter that has consistently been shown to reduce the duration of cold symptoms while supporting the production of immune cells which keep you strong and healthy.

Vitamin C for immune boost

Vitamin D

After a long, dark winter, many people experience a Vitamin D deficiency which can manifest in frequent colds and infections, fatigue and depression. Bring your levels back to their ideal state by supplementing and spending more time outside to soak up the sun − which produces a natural boost of Vitamin D.


Protect your gut so that you can protect yourself from the icky stuff you’ll find outside − especially the germs and pollen that seem to be everywhere during the spring. Probiotics are shown to give your immune system a boost by enhancing its innate and adaptive immune response. They may also play different roles in stimulating the body’s immune system by alleviating allergy symptoms and supporting immune cells in their function.


Who knew that spicing it up could help you stop sneezing? Turmeric is an extraordinary antioxidant that is beloved both inside and outside of the kitchen, and studies show that curcumin (the herb’s active ingredient) relieves nasal symptoms and congestion by reducing airflow resistance in your nose.


A strong immune system is a must to defend yourself from allergies and repel substances like pollen and mold spores. White blood cells are key and act as the body’s first line of defense − and zinc has a direct impact on the development of these white blood cells.  Zinc has also been shown to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.

Try our SPRING WELLNESS PACK pack today and take 30% off when you sign up for 3 months. Learn more about the little things you can do to give your immune system a big boost here. 

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