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Here’s why Keranat is better than keratin supplements for hair growth

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Keranat vs keratin supplements for hair growth

Our hair is a huge part of our appearance, and can be a big boost to our confidence.

However, common problems like hair loss and breakage can be very frustrating. Your hair needs love and care just like any other parts of your body. 

There are many hair care products out there, but besides maintaining your hair externally, it’s important to protect your hair’s growth from the inside out. 

A very common way of caring for hair damage and loss is taking keratin supplements. We often see many advertisements for keratin pills for hair on social media. 

However, keratin is simply the raw material for hair. Depending on the way the body absorbs it, there’s no true guarantee that the keratin protein you put in your body is actually going to your hair.

Well, if giving your body the ingredients doesn’t always work, what does? Not to worry, because Keranat may be the alternative you’re looking for. By kickstarting the hair growth and nourishing process, Keranat ensures that your hair not only grows faster, but healthier and silkier as well!

Causes of hair loss and damage

First, let’s understand your hair. Hair is made from three layers of keratin, a strong protein that also makes up your nail and skin. 

It grows from hair follicles in three phases: 

  1. Anagen: in this phase, the hair follicle cells divide very rapidly and produce a fiber of hair. 
  2. Catagen: the hair follicle starts shrinking as the hair growth stops and the root starts to detach from the base of the follicle.
  3. Telogen: The hair follicle is at rest in this phase. The hair stays in the follicle for a while until pulled out by daily activities, or falls out naturally. 

Damage can be caused to your hair with excessive styling, coloring, and bleaching. Washing your hair too often or brushing it too much strips the hair of natural oils and makes your hair more likely to break as well. 

Hair loss is an issue that plagues many men and women. When the natural functions of these hair follicle cells are interrupted, these hairs can fall out excessively, or simply fail to be replaced. 

Age can be a big factor. As you’re getting older, your hormone levels and cell functions start fluctuating. Some of your cells simply are not as efficient at producing the proteins your hair needs, so hair can slowly shrink until follicles simply stop working. 

Malnutrition and anemia are also very common causes for hair loss. If you’re not getting enough nutrients, your hair cells are definitely not getting enough, either. The lack of necessary vitamins and minerals causes a slowing of cell processes, until the follicle is unable to sustain the production of hair. 

The combination of some of these factors can ultimately lead to something called telogen effluvium, a condition where the anagen phase shortens due to reasons like stress, medication, or hormonal changes, causing hair to shed excessively. 

Keranat is better than keratin supplements for hair growth

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What is Keranat? 

Keranat is a natural supplement made of oil extracted from millet seeds. 

Inside the tiny, unassuming grains is a powerful compound called milliacine. These hydrocarbons promote the secretion of IGF1, a growth hormone that basically encourages your tissue cells to start reproducing. 

The milliacine in these capsules targets the cell division process, so there are more cells in your hair follicles that are able to produce the protein that builds your hair. 

The heightened levels of IGF1 also stimulates the growth of your hair’s support cells. This includes the cells that produce Collagen, an important connective tissue for your skin and your cells, keeping your hair better anchored to your hair follicles. 

Other support cells that may also be boosted include the oil-producing cells that lubricate the hair to keep it soft and healthy. 

The miliacine oil solution is encased in a polar lipid capsule to protect the integrity of the compound within your body until it is ready to be absorbed. This helps your body get the full effect of Keranat at the right timing so that the solution goes directly to your dermal papilla cells.

Keranat vs. keratin supplements 

We always hear about taking keratin supplements to make your hair healthy and beautiful. These supplements may contain biotin, keratin, or both. 

Biotin is a form of Vitamin B that creates energy for the hair follicle cells. Because of this effect, it is often advertised as a supplement for better hair quality as well. 

Yet, a review study in 2017 states that, in healthy individuals, biotin supplements actually do not make much of a difference. Low biotin levels are rarely found and tend to be the effects of an existing condition like malnutrition, or side effects of medication. So, you don’t actually need all that extra biotin!

Keratin pills for hair are also available over the counter, but it is important to keep in mind that while hair is made of keratin, taking keratin pills does not mean that the keratin you’re putting into your body is going directly to your hair. Your body uses keratin in many different ways, and might be incorporating those supplemented proteins elsewhere. 

Instead of simply adding more raw material for hair production, Keranat targets the source: the dermal papilla cells. The combination of miliacin and the lipids contained in the Keranat supplement actively encourage the secretion of hormones that stimulate the keratinocyte

In boosting these cells, they work harder to produce more keratin, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. But, at the same time, Keranat supports the surrounding cells that provide anchoring and moisturizing to the hair fibers — giving it a triple boost of healthy hair benefits.

The bottom line 

Your hair needs care just like the rest of your body. If you’re finding that your shower drain is collecting more shed hair than usual, or if your hair is simply getting damaged from styling, taking a supplement might be a good way to restore your hair. 

Want to know if Keranat could be the solution to your hair loss and breakage? You can find out what vitamins and supplements our Nutrition Experts recommend 100% just for you by taking our 5-minute health quiz. 

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