Immunity series: Boost your immunity with Probiotics

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Probiotic supplements can help boost "good bacteria" in the gut.

Stress is one of the leading culprits in lowering immune response. During these tough times it is therefore important to remain calm and stay informed.

We’ve decided to start a weekly immunity series to provide you with the best science-backed information about keeping your immune response high.

Every week for the next seven weeks, we’ll be doing a deep dive on an immune-boosting vitamin or herb. This week we are covering the immune-enhancing power of Probiotics.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms otherwise known as “good bacteria.” Good gut bacteria helps us digest our food, absorb nutrients, and enhance our immune response.

Our “good bacteria” levels can become disrupted by bad diet, stress, chronic conditions, obesity and more. When our “good bacteria” gets outnumbered by the “bad” pathogen-causing ones, a whole host of health problems can arise.

What are the benefits of Probiotic supplements?

Research indicates that Probiotics can be helpful for the gut, liver, brain, immune system, and skin — but we are just beginning to understand the wide-reaching benefits of Probiotics.

Why are Probiotics good for immunity?

Taking Probiotics is one of the best natural ways to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and keep infections at bay.

Did you know that up to 80% of the immune system is found in our guts? Our guts contain entire networks of tissue which protect our bodies from absorbing viruses, bacteria, and other antigens into our bloodstreams.

Unfortunately, when the lining of our guts is eroded due to diet, stress, or other lifestyle factors, this protective barrier becomes compromised. This condition of intestinal permeability otherwise known as “leaky gut” can prompt the body to create an inflammatory response — which may result in malabsorption, food sensitivities, and autoimmune conditions.

This is where Probiotics come in.

Probiotic supplements are important for immune defence.
Pre / Probiotic

Research shows that certain Probiotic strains such as L. acidophilus can help line the gut, and serve as a layer of defence against pathogenic bacteria.

Moreover, Probiotics appear to fight pro-inflammatory compounds and modulate other immune pathways that help defend against illness.

A meta-analysis conducted in 2014 showed that Probiotic supplementation was associated with fewer sick days in kids and adults who experienced colds, respiratory tract infections, and other common infectious diseases.

How long does it take for Probiotics to work?

Depending on the Probiotic strain and dosage you take, you may see improvements to your health anywhere between a few days to a few months.

At hundred, our Nutrition Experts recommend taking Probiotics for 3 months in order to reap lasting benefits on digestive and immune health.

Can you take too many Probiotics?

Probiotics are generally well-tolerated and safe in healthy individuals when consumed in large quantities.

However, as your gut microbiome is being re-balanced, it’s possible to experience mild side effects like gas, bloating, or constipation. These symptoms are entirely normal and will gradually subside within the first few days of taking Probiotics.

If you are immunocompromised or suffer from a chronic illness, you should consult your doctor before taking Probiotics. Studies indicate that those with compromised health may be more at risk to side effects.

Probiotic supplements help to promote digestive and immune health.

What is the best Probiotic supplement?

Probiotics come in all kinds of strains and strengths. It is therefore important to ensure you are taking a strain that is best suited to your particular health goal.

If immune defence is your focus, then a Probiotics strain such as L. acidophilus is a good choice as this is already substantiated by some good research.

For more information about Probiotics, check out our article: 15 billion reasons to take a Probiotic. 

The bottom line

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