How to naturally reduce 'man boobs' this summer

Worried about man boobs? Gynecomastia, to use the medical term, is "a benign proliferation of glandular tissue of the breast in males" (Dr Glenn D Braunstein MD). According to the Cleveland Clinic Medical Journal, the condition can affect up to 50% of healthy males. 

Man boobs can be present to a slight degree at birth, become apparent at puberty or develop later in life. Excess tissue in the breast area is invariably caused by a hormone imbalance and, unlike pseudogynecomastia where only fatty tissue is present, man boobs generally have a greater or lesser degree of hormonal tissue. A less than ideal amount of testosterone leads to elevated estrogen levels – the exact hormone that also causes breast development in women at the onset of puberty. 

How can you naturally increase testosterone levels?

When you google 'how to reduce man boobs' you'll probably see lots of suggestions including surgery. However, there are less invasive and more natural ways to deal with the condition. In many cases, a testosterone boost produces good results, and this can often be achieved with natural remedies and dietary alterations. Treatment should always be based on your personal requirements; our consultation quiz considers your nutrition, sleep, stress and movement habits in order to give you the right mix of personalized vitamins, delivered to your door. 

Testosterone is a hormone, and hormones can be fickle. One minute your body is producing plenty and the next, not enough. More testosterone means less estrogen, the hormone that causes moobs to develop. So what can you do to get rid of excess breast tissue? 

Get more sleep

How to get rid of man boobs

Sometimes it feels as if altering your sleep pattern is the answer to everything. Skipping sleep or getting an inadequate amount causes numerous health problems. Research has shown that interrupted sleep for just one week can lower testosterone levels by an astonishing 10-15%. Used in Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that safely relieves anxiety and stress and promotes restful sleep. 

Tailor your exercise regime

Lifting heavy weights and bench press work is an effective way to tone up loose skin and tighten chest muscles. Studies by the Centro de Investigación y Medicina del Deporte de Navarra showed the differences between a control group of similarly aged weightlifters and road cyclists. Those lifting heavy weights had much higher levels of testosterone after exercise. Aim for 3 to 5-minutes of bench press if you're already competent and not less than 90 seconds if you're a beginner.

Eat less grains

Aim to eat less grains and more unsaturated fats. Grains cause gut disorders and inflammation – and many experts now view gluten from wheat as toxic to humans. Grain is also highly glycemic, meaning that it can make your blood sugar spike and cause the pancreas to secrete insulin. This has the knock-on effect of interfering with the body's production of hormones such as testosterone.

Try helpful minerals like zinc

A recent study noted that men who added 30 mg of Zinc per day to their regular diet saw a notable rise in testosterone. Available as handy capsules, it is a great all-rounder; it helps you to get rid of man boobs, contributes to the normal function of the immune system, aids eyesight preservation and keeps hair and skin healthy. 

Zinc Supplements

Other useful tips from our experts

Our in-house nutritionist also suggests adding magnesium to your diet. This essential mineral promotes good muscle function while enhancing the body's ability to cope with stress, which is often a factor in testosterone deficiency. Finally, be sure that you're getting enough Vitamin D. As well as giving you a natural testosterone boost, this essential vitamin contributes to your overall health and well-being. 


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