8 surprising erogenous zones

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Our bodies are filled with sensitive areas just waiting to be touched. In general, the rule of thumb is pretty simple: the greater the number of nerve endings, the more sensation — and the higher possibility of stimulation.

But when it comes to erogenous zones, it isn’t always so obvious. You may be missing out on some unexpected pleasure points.

So how do you locate and activate these areas? Take matters into your own hands as you follow this guide to explore them for yourself.

8 surprising erogenous zones

The lower back

Stroking the lower back directly stimulates a series of spinal nerves which are connected to the pelvis. Give your partner a little massage here, or you can just as easily give pleasure by running something delicate like a silk cloth or a feather across his or her lower back.


The color-tinged area around the nipples is often overlooked. Although it is less sensitive than the nipples themselves, these areas stimulate the same portion of the brain as the genitals. No act of foreplay would be complete without showing this area some TLC, so next time don’t forget to trace around the areolae first before moving on to the nipples.

Nape of the neck

The neck is responsive to even the lightest touch and most subtle changes in temperature. Like the base of the spine, the base of the neck can be stroked and “activated” using breath, touch, and even hot and cold sensations.

Sensations on this area will travel to the rest of the body, so don’t be surprised if touching this area makes your partner tingle.

Outside the vaginal opening

Everyone always seeks the hallowed clitoris, but did you know that the labia on the outside of the vagina is also quite sensitive? These folds of skin are loaded with nerve endings and, while they’re biologically intended for protection, running your fingers around this area while also stimulating the clitoris is a surefire way to spark desire.

Back of the ear lobe

The ears are packed with hundreds of nerve endings, making them one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the list. Sound can also be incredibly arousing in the heat of the moment so next time you go in for a kiss on the neck, don’t forget to whisper in your partner’s ear.

The inner thighs

Given their close proximity to the genitals, caressing the inner thighs with your hands or mouth can create a feeling of heightened anticipation. A slow build up of sensation in this area can heat things up, so take your time and be sure not to rush.

Treasure trail

The treasure trail is the area of skin starting from the navel, reaching down to the genitals. They are packed with nerve endings and are in tantalizing proximity to the genitals. Play with changes of temperature here — an ice cube, perhaps?

Feet and toes

For both men and women, the feet are ripe for sensual touch. The feet are gateways to the rest of the body. In reflexology, certain pressure points on the feet can alleviate headaches, muscle aches, alleviate stress, and more. It therefore comes as no surprise that you can stroke the soles or the toes of the feet for a little extra pleasure.

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The bottom line

Armed with this roadmap, you can deepen layers of intimacy and pleasure. Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life (and foreplay). There are three ways to stimulate sensation and pleasure when it comes to touch: light touch, deep touch, and temperature. As long as it’s safe and you have consent, consider mixing up your “technique” and involving all three kinds of stimulation to any of these eight erogenous areas.

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